How does the soil benefit from ArableONE™?

ArableONE™ formulations stimulate up to two times more root growth and root length  than traditional fertilizers, even in marginal soils. In addition, ArableONE helps restore the physical, chemical and biological vitality of depleted and under-productive soils. ArableONE also helps to counteract the damage that chemical fertilizers frequently cause with long-term use.


How does ArableONE work?

ArableONE™ increases the efficiency with which plants can absorb nutrients by creating a soil environment that enhances root-zone development. This is accomplished through the ability to foster increased growth of beneficial micro-organisms and fungi which occur naturally in soil.


How does ArableONE give me a lush lawn and save water?

Deeper, fuller root systems give the plants greater access to water and nutrients, reducing the deleterious effects of drought, heat, frost, and nutrient deficiencies. This is especially important during drought conditions.

What can I apply ArableONE™ on?

You can apply ArableONE on "everything that grows". It works as well on indoor plants as it does on outdoor plants, including lawns. Lawns will stay lush and green with only four applications per year.

Does ArableONE™ use genetically modified organisms (GMO) ?

No. ArableONE™ is derived from organic materials

Is ArableONE™ safe?

Yes, the ArableONE™ formula is safe to use around humans, animals and marine life.


How do I apply ArableONE?

The best way to apply ArableONE™ is to use an adjustable hose-end sprayer. Set the mixing dial for 1½ teaspoons per gallon of water flow. Do not apply more than 2 ounces of ArableONE™ per 400 sq. ft.

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