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ArableONE™ for Agriculture

  • Increase Crop Yields and Profits
  • Save Water - up to 50%
  • Reduce Pesticides up to 50%
  • Produce Looks, Feels, Smells, and Tastes Better
  • Denser, Expanded Root Systems
  • Organically Derived - Non-GMO
  • Transform Dry, Damaged & Diseased Soil
  • Buffer Root Systems from Salinity
  • Increase Nutrient Content
  • Affordable (Downright Cheap!)
  • Dramatically Improved Growth & Health
  • Reduce Fertilizer up to 60%
  • Bigger and More Plentiful Fruits and Veggies
  • Increase Humus Content in Soil
  • Earlier Harvest
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly
  • Break Down Compacted Soil
  • Grow in Soil with High Boron Content
  • Easy to Apply
  • Approx 1-2 qt. per Acre

About ArableONE™

Farmers all over the country are using ArableONE to dramatically increase their production and profits and reduce costs, giving them a major edge over their competition. No matter what crop you grow, you can expect significantly increased yield, bigger, healthier fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, and often an early harvest. Furthermore, you’ll reduce water requirements by 50%, fertilizer by up to 60%, and pesticides up to 50%.

A healthy bacterial environment in the soil is crucial to plant health in the same way that bacterial balance in the digestive system is crucial to human health! ArableONE™ is a Probiotic Soil Enhancer that accelerates the growth and proliferation of beneficial microbial life and fungi that occur naturally in the soil. This process breaks the nutrients in the soil down into smaller, more easily absorbable particles, which allows the roots to take in more nutrients. The process also restructures the soil, increasing the humus content, resulting in better water retention. This promotes deeper reaching, denser, expanded root systems, and leads to effects that are nothing short of miraculous! ArableONE™ will revitalize damaged soil and enhance even the richest soil, and result in dramatically increased growth, and reduced water, fertilizer, and pesticide requirements on any kind of plant.



When a plant can absorb more nutrients, it’s healthier. The corn in this photograph was planted on the same day, the only difference is that the back row of corn was treated with the ArableONE™ formula. The treated corn grew nearly twice as tall as the untreated corn. This is one of the many benefits of increased nutrient uptake.


ArableONE was applied to an eight year old alfalfa field in Utah. The field was near the end of its productive life. The back half of the field received one application of ArableONE before the final cut. Dramatic improvement could be seen in just 23 days.

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Almond Trees

Initially,I was very skeptical about ArableONE.But then I witnessed,with my own eyes,on my almond orchard, the ArableONE difference

Normally,my orchard was watered weekly.However,because of the California drought I could only water my orchard once per month.

My soil was so dry it looked like beach sand.

Initially,because of my skepticism,I only applied ArableONE on 18 trees,the same trees I had already planned on removing because of their poor condition.I personally applied the product with a2 ½ gallon back sprayer,in concentric rings around the base of the tree to the edge of the canopy.



The ArableONE representative advised me to look for a change in the leaves in about 30 days.Sure enough, during peak summer heat, I noticed new leaves started growing and turning a darker green.After seeing this I decided to apply ArableONE my entire orchard.

During this time,industry professionals and other growers told me that my trees would not survive because of the 25 day water cycle,the high temperatures and the overall poor condition of the trees.

After the application,I noticed a dramatic and continuing improvement in all of my trees,even the ones I planned on removing.Last year my trees only has 2-3 buds per branch,and this year there are 5-6 buds per branch.

My fertilizer consultant,after reviewing the soil analysis results,before and after the ArableONE application,said that "in 20 years he has not seen such a dramatic improvement in the soil," he did not understand what was going on but it was real.

I had an excellent harvest last year and expect a better harvest this season,especially after seeing the dramatic increase in the number of buds.The Blue Diamond representative was also impressed with the dramatic improvement.

Trees that I did not expect to survive began blooming this year,even the trees with"crazy top"began to bloom.

I decided to become an ArableONE sales representative because of my personal experience with ArableONE under the harshest conditions.

- Carlos DeMatos

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Subject: ArableONE™ formula application
Location: Santa Cruz Berry
Contact: Armando R
Position: Field Manager

Meeting Summary

I was initially introduced to the product on September6, 2011.The product was applied at the rate of 2 quarts per acre to the strawberry fields on September 7,2011,I have noticed the following results.

The initial test application was applied on two separate locations in Watsonville on fields with high salt concentrations(EC7.1). In the first 13 days,I began to notice that the treated soils had produced strawberries twice as large as the untreated control fields.

I have also been able to harvest 84 bins of strawberries from the treated fields and only 24 bins from the untreated control fields, a 350% increase in production.

I also noticed that the treated strawberry plants grew faster, and had a healthier dark green color.

Additionally,I noticed a dramatic increase in the crowning activity indicating a large increase in the number of strawberries that will be available for harvest in 6 weeks.

This was the first product that actually worked as promised.

s/s Armando R , Field Manager



The second phase of harvesting of the test grove was done from April 15th to May 15th.This harvesting also consisted of size picking the avocado,specifically the larger avocado were harvested,leaving the remaining avocado’s to be harvested later during Phase 3, and concluding with Phase 4 in June .

  1. The ArableONE™ treated avocado trees produced heavier avocados,8 ounces or more,than the untreated avocados and this resulted in a higher price,this year the price was $.67 a pound.The un treated avocados were 6 ounces or less and sold for $.44 a pound. The Arable treated avocados brought an increase of 23 cents a pound compared to the untreated avocados trees.
  2. The treated avocado trees in the eight acre test are a weighed 10,000 pounds per acre,while the untreated avocados from one acre weighed 7,420 pounds. The Arable treated avocados were 35% heavier.
  3. The gross revenue during Phase 2 from the 8 acres of treated avocado trees was $53,600,($.67 a pound times 80,000 pounds=$53,600.00).The gross revenue during Phase 2 from the comparable 8 acres of untreated avocado trees was $3,264.80,($.44 a pound times 59,360 pounds= $26,118.40).




In 2016 cherry trees were treated with ArableONE . The ArableONE™ treated trees produced nearly 300% more cherries after just one application.

Palm Trees

Palm tree nursery treats 20,000 trees with ArableONE. Result: “My trees grow faster, look better and increased in value by $1500”

arableone difference between trees